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We have partnered with HiSmile to give you to best in Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit. 

The Kit ticks all the boxes. It is safe, easy to use, and completely peroxide-free (PAP).

PAP reacts with tooth stains without the release of free radicals.

This means that the molecules responsible for discolouration are broken down safely, without any risk of sensitivity, pain, or damage.

In-Chair Whitening Vs Take-Home Whitening? Visit FAQ for more info.

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​PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit

Say hello to peroxide-free teeth whitening

Feel better about your smile with HiSmile's worry-free 10-minute whitening formula, and easy-to-use LED device.

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Day & Night Toothpaste

Say hello to better days & brighter nights

Start your everyday smile care routine, with a day toothpaste that helps to protect from bacteria and a night toothpaste that assists in clearing it away.

  • Two kinds of toothpaste, for morning and evening

  • Day: Features a protective micro-shield wax

  • Night: Contains gentle abrasive ingredients

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