How Does It Work? 

Bad Tasty Gooey Moulds are now the thing of the past! We can now scan your teeth into a digital impression then 3D print it into a digital model and custom make your mouth guard to it.

And Yes, we can scan braces as well!

No more gagging or rinsing out that bad taste after your impression! 

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Why Are Custom Fitted Mouth Guards Better Than Boil & Bites?

1. Our mouth guards are made by a registered Dental Technician & Practitioner. 

2. They are much safer. They fit like a glove and are comfortable to wear. So you can focus on the game and not your mouth guard coming loose.

3. You can speak clearly with it in. So you can call out those important game plans to your mates.

4. You can custom design it. Whether it be team colours, your favourite club logo, or even thickness & size of the mouth guard. We can customise it to how you like it.

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Can I Claim My Mouth Guard Under Private Health Insurance?

Yes you can! We are a registered Dental Practitioner which means you can claim it on your health fund!

Want a quote for how much you can claim back?

Provide the details below to your health provider to get a quote today!

Item Number: 151

Provider Number: 5275505B 

Price Guide: $99 - $149

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My Kid Has A Tooth Coming Through? Will The Mouth Guard Still Fit Once The Tooth Comes Out?

Yes! We will create a small space in the mouth guard to allow for the tooth to comes through.

If there are any discomfort or feels like the mouth guard does not fit properly once the tooth has come out, you can make an appointment to see us at our studio and we can make adjustments to fit it for you.

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How Often Should I Replace My Mouth Guard?

Our recommendation is every season! Especially for young kids & those with braces where their teeth are constantly changing!

Young adults & adults may be able to get a few years from their mouth guard as their teeth won't change too much. However we do recommend no longer than 2 years as they can get quite dirty and can smell after a long period of time.